Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Grey Matters

Whoever decided to make an Internet deserves a medal, a round of applause and a year's supply of free socks.

It really is that good.

You paint a picture of a retired lady living in quiet seclusion, and thanks to the power of digital earbending you are able to talk about it with her family on the other side of the world.
Add to that all the people who have seen and responded to it and all of a sudden you're global.

Nifty, isn't it?

Ruth is well pleased with the result, I'm relieved to say, as are all the other people who have their stories woven into the imagery around her.
For me it's been an education in allowing a painting to reveal itself through the people that it's built around, rather than dictating what should be.

It started out as a statement about age, indifference and the innate strength of people of experience but it's become something more than that.

Somewhere along the line it turned into a focal point that has got people talking to each other, formed connections and turned the spotlight ever so slightly onto a remarkable lady.

And just when I was starting to believe that I had the power to alter lives, shape the world and walk on water one of her colleagues casts a critical eye over it, declares it to be 'nearly as good as a proper painting' and sweeps past in a cloud of peppermint and disdain.

Feet back on the ground, on with the next...