Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tender is the night

It's got a lot to do with the time of the year.

Cold days and long dark evenings do tend to bring out the gloomy side, and it's
hard to skip through meadows extolling the joys of creation in a duffle coat and wellies.

The weather makes me introspective, and I find myself dwelling on the more serious side.

The passing of the seasons reminds us all that we too are mortal, and one day our time will be up.
It would be easy to get morbid about all this, but the sensible thing to do is treat it as a reminder to get on with things and not waste time.

Reviewing some of my escapades over the last year, it's apparent that quite a lot of it had more than a touch of the glums about it, so  the thing to do was lighten up a bit and get out there with something a bit more cheerful.

With that in mind, and conscious of the fact that I will one day look back on all this and ask myself some pretty searching questions about how I'd spent the years, I set about doing something creative with the bins.

The bin men refused to empty them as "they contain material not specified for that container"
i.e. teeth and eyeballs.

Oh well, you can only try.