Friday, 25 February 2011

Post-Pre Raphaelites and Gothic Gentlefolk

Back to my roots.
After years of trying to find the right combination of style, reason and subject I find that it was right there under my nose all along.
Since I can remember I've loved and admired the great heroes of high Victorian romanticism; men like Waterhouse and Holman Hunt.
For almost as long I've 'collected' people of style, flair and courage who ignore convention and have the guts to strut their stuff regardless.
Putting the two things together, the answer became obvious.
It had to be Goths.
So I went to a club, blagged my way in and asked everyone I met if they'd model for me.
The results of that first meeting will appear on this blog as they happen.
In the meantime, this seems like a good opportunity to say thank you to the exotic, charming, generous and inspiring people who now populate my paintings.
It's all about you.

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