Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rebel Without a Clue

With just over two weeks to go before I expose myself to the public  (no, not literally. I've learnt my lesson,  paid my debt to society,  let's all just move on, ok?)  it seemed like a good idea to have a go at a Really Big Painting of one of my brilliant Burlesque models.

Just to make things a bit more entertaining I thought I'd choose now to radically alter my painting style .

For a while now I've been trying to loosen up and get a bit more life into the paintings, but I always end up falling back on the tried and tested stuff that I'm confident with.

Not any longer.

From now on it's down the pub for a couple of pints of talent with an inspiration chaser and a determined wobble back to the studio to give the canvas  the benefit of my new found relaxed approach.

In fairness, I still had to draw it up in my usual fusspot way, but after that it's all big sloppy brushes, tonal values and getting paint in my ears.

It's been an evening and a half;  I've used up a lot of paint ( some of which seems to want to live on the ceiling now) and I've definitely shed my buttoned-up-tight-paint-by-numbers-and-don't-go-over-the-lines self.

The only problem is I seem to have created a fairly good likeness of a pigeon having an episode.

Still, early days...

One of the reasons for posting things like this is that by outing myself, I can't chicken out and burn it when nobody's looking.

No excuses, no surrender, no going back - It's me or it now.

Haven't really thought this through, have I ?


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