Tuesday, 7 May 2013

You're fired

You know how, sometimes, you get diverted away from the tractor beam of your ambitions and bimble off down every beckoning distraction, hmmm?

Those days when you rise early, a song in your heart and a spring in your thing, all ready to grab the world by the ears and give it a big slobbery smacker, only to fail at the first hint of a news story involving a dolphin caught in a fisherman's trousers.

Despite my best intentions, I am a lost soul, held fast in the grip of all of the following:

Anything that involves Youtube and uncoordinated kittens.
Fat girls falling off children's play equipment.
Tea and biscuits, thereby creating a 'tea break' which justifies more of the above.
Pigeon fights.
Top Gear on Dave (FFS I've seen them all. Twice...)
Staring at Twitter trying to think of something clever to say.
Looking at my fingers under a magnifying glass and imagining it's the surface of an alien planet.
Checking Facebook every 15 mins to see if anyone 'liked' my photo of pigeons fighting.
Looking up old film stars on Wikipedia to see if they're dead yet.
Googling myself to see if I'm dead yet.

It's so bad a friend actually took me aside and recommended I read 'The War of Art' by Steven Pressfield.

Now this is a serious piece of attitude altering instruction on why we dig heffalump traps on the road to our most desired destinations, and I can honestly say that it's changed my understanding of the power we all have to effect our own failure and success.

It's a must for anyone with a creative soul, and the focus of a hippie goldfish that's spent too much time amongst the weed.

All smirkling aside, it's been a valuable read.

It's not that I don't still get hypnotised by cats falling of skateboards; I just feel guiltier now.

Soooo, that's my excuse for the shameful lack of anything worth posting on the 'blog of failed ambitions'.

My mate, however, has been hard at work on the next rogue sculpture.

Can't reveal too much about it at the mo' as it's still in production, but I'm sure there'll be more to see/say soon.
In the meantime, a glimpse of its fiery birth:

Me? I'm off for another inspiring chapter of 'How to Make Each Day a Triumph of Creative Effectiveness'.

I'll work tomorrow...

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