Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Where's me jump leads?

I hate it when this happens.

The rather inconvenient fact of having to make a living has intruded, to the inevitable detriment of the Grand Scheme.

Equally inevitable is the fact that on returning to the easel I find the divine inspiration has disappeared over the horizon with it's arse on fire, leaving me staring at Big Blank Canvasses like a lobotomised amoeba that got out at the wrong stop.


Past experience has taught me that the only way through this soul sucking wilderness of failed dreams is through the time honoured discipline of ADS (Actually Doing Something).

Not thinking about it, not planning it, not researching the background to it, and almost certainly not writing about it on your blog, but GETTING ON WITH IT!!

So, I've dug out a small painting that I started several lifetimes ago and decided I'm going to get it finished, frame and all, by the end of tomorrow.

Can't stop, got to go....

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